We Can Dance


WE CAN DANCE is an act of celebration, it's a solo or an accompanied solo or rather an invitation to dance or maybe, tal vez, solo, quizás, alomejor, también, perhaps a disco space.

WE CAN DANCE  starts from that first step that is taken before dancing, in a disco, the dance temple. Once it's started it's difficult to stop it, you get into that wiggle, into that swinging, into that disco tic. It's built around that first gesture; at what moment does dance start? when can you say you are dancing? what happens when it's done at places where it's forbidden? what relations does it have with the rules and conventions of the use of the space? This 'solo' talks about laws that regulate the act of dancing in different places. This is a piece about the act of dancing, about what moves us.

Artistic and Technical Data

Performed and created by: Esther Rodriguez-Barbero

Music: Vitaly Franco / Lautaro Reyes

Light & scenography: Víctor Colmenero Mir

Technical assistance: Pablo Sacristán

Dramaturgy assistance: Marialena Marouda

Photography:  Javier Pino


Supported by:

LEAL.LAV Tenerife

Centro de Danza Canal

La Caldera Barcelona 

L'estruch Sabadell.



Comunidad de Madrid.


Length: 50’ 

Special thanks:

Javier Cuevas, Adán Hernández, Pablo Sacristán, Marialena Marouda, Clara Pampyn, Alberto Alonso, Laura Kumin, Lara Ortiz, Xiri Noir, Lilia Mestre, Veridiana Zurita, Shervin Kiarnesi, Óscar Dasí y Carmen Fuentes


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February | L'estruch. Sabadell, Spain.


July, October | Centro Danza Canal | Resident Company. Madrid, Spain.

September | La Caldera. Barcelona, Spain.


4-14 September | Leal Theater. Leal.Lav. Tenerife, Spain.

29 September | TNT Festival Nuevas Tendencias. Caravana de Trailers. Terrasa. Barcelona.


30 November-3 December | 30 Certámen Coreográfico de Madrid. Me Myself & I Solos en estado de germen. Madrid, Spain.


© 2018 by EstherRBG. Creative Commons. 

We Can Dance. L'Estruch Sabadell