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Beats & Sweat


Beats & Sweat is a moving tribute to a place that is not (t)here anymore. A performative environment built from stories that remain, stories that travel in time. It is about getting there, the path that people used to follow, to Sir Henry’s, to the club.

Queue, open the door, pass the bouncers, pay the fee, walk up the stairs, listen to the music from far away, as an echo, in the dark, with the beats as vibrations, not knowing what you are gonna find, maybe feeling that something big is happening there at the other side of the door up ahead.

Spanish architect-choreographer Esther Rodriguez-Barbero in collaboration with Stevie G invite the memories and the anticipation to flood the stairs Sir Henry’s once more. The stairs are recalled from the memories of those that went there, as a symbol of many nights, many parties, many dances; as the antechamber, the moment just before the event already beating beyond the door.

The project was part of Quarter Block Party’s public art program and specially commissioned for the 2019 festival.

Artistic & Technical data

DJ/collaborator: Stevie Grainger 

Technical manager & lighting designer: Manuel Loosli 

stage manager/ performer: Alice Moloney

Producer: Eszter Némethi 

Photo: Brid O' Donovan

Supported by:

Acción Cultural Española (AC/E)

Quarter Block Party 


Cork City Council Planning Department

Arts Council of Ireland


February | Quarter Block Party. Cork

November | Dali. Residency. Cork



February | Quarter Block Party. Residency. Cork

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