25 October | Festival Surge. Teatro Tyltyl. Madrid

October | Festival Surge. Teatro Pradillo. Madrid

27 Sept| Festival Surge. Teatro Montalvo. Madrid

5 Sept| Festival Surge. Teatro Guindalera. Madrid

21 June| ARAR. La Caldera. Synchronized. Barcelona, Brussels, Madrid, Auberive

Body Messages


Body Messages is a non-project born during confinement. It arises as a response on the one hand to the observation of a suspicion or fear of other people's bodies, and on the other hand to the impossibility of physically accompanying all those people who are going through the illness alone. 99 messages for 99 days of confinement projected each day from the balcony to the facades at sunset. Some of the messages are derived from the observation of what the situation generates in the bodies, from impossible desires, others are messages received from other people to be projected, others are inspired by practices of other colleagues, in dances, in memories. A screened-in story of a shared situation.



PASE. Site

INVOCATIONS. Performance

I don't know. Texts

BODY MESSAGES  Installation

WE CAN DANCE. Performance


Guided Tour. LCE. Site

Beats & Sweat. Site

AFFECT. Performance



Manual: On ways to inhabit this table

& other issues. Installation-Book


Guided Tour. Performance/Site


Km.0. Performance

Dancing the workday. Performance

Previous works / 2013-15