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Do bodies dream of electromagnetic organs? is a performative installation built by movement sensors that reflects on the relationship between body and electromagnetic biomedical implanted devices. It addresses the alterations in terms of perception, self perception, movement and spatial relations that appear after some experiences where state of consciousness is suspended. It proposes a built environment where some of these narratives are addressed by making some alterations on the way we perceive time and space.

The installation works as an extension of these devices some bodies have to carry in daily life and the relations that appear in-between. Bringing some terms into question by researching on bioethics, politics of the body, cyborg and how we relate with otherness and the unknown. It is constructed around the question, what is ‘there’?

Artistic & Technical data

Creation: Esther Rodriguez-Barbero
Programming and interior architecture: Ivan Paz and Roger Pibernat (Colectivo Top Lab)
Technical assistance and advice: Miguel de las Heras (Hangar Interactive Lab)
Construction and structure design: Elia Bagó
Sound assistance: José Velasco
Video: Tristán Pérez-Martín
The installation has been built in Hangar's Interactive Lab and in collaboration with Ivan Paz and Roger Pibernat (Colectivo Top Lab).
Production-Research Grant from l'Institut Ramon Llull, NewArtFoundation, UOC, La Caldera i Hangar.


September | Ars Electrónica Garden. Canòdrom. Barcelona
July-September | Hangar & La Caldera. Residency

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