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PASE. A choreographic tour.


PASE is an invitation from the Dance and New Media Laboratory to develop a choreographic tour that would connect La Aljafería with Etopia (Zaragoza) by crossing the empty field that separates them. A choreographic tour is a proposal that focuses on the trajectories and flows of the bodies as they move from one place to another. It observes the 'paths of desire' or paths of need, which are those paths that are made with the footprints of the bodies. It also proposes certain perspectives in order to rediscover holes and unconnected stories, which have been lost or forgotten.

This proposal was launched by the laboratory with the aim of broadening the implementation of performing arts, as well as bringing together dance, choreography, technology, mediation and participation. Esther Rodriguez Barbero and María del Castillo are working on a proposal that combines choreography, architecture and sound. 

Based on the Milla Digital project, an urban planning project from the 2000s of which Etopia takes part, Esther and María design an experience that is constructed from forgotten narratives, unconnected stories and experiences of the place in the present day.

Choreography & performance: Esther Rodríguez Barbero.

Sound & performance: María del Castillo.

Coordination : Alba Lorca.

Video: Nanuk Audiovisual.

Photo: Marta Aschenbecher


Trayectos Dance/ Etopia. Center for Art & Technology/ SmARTplaces/ Aljafería Palace / Cortes de Aragon 

+ info: Etopia.

Sound landscape-podcast


Ser sin forma. Como el agua - Text

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