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AFFECT is the construction of a timeless space, a playground that works by contagion, through an action, the action of balancing. Affect part of the relationship that is established between two bodies delivered to the same task: affecting space, being in relation to what surrounds them and staying in the movement. This action will be put in relation to other types of layers: the use of objects and daily life actions, and the beats of a live-played electronic music sessions, to question permanence and understand the idea of affection. There is an embodiment in the objects through the action and a depersonalization, a normalization in the state of the observer that comes through the repetition and the use of cotidean actions and objects.

Artistic & Technical data

Creation: Clara Pampyn & Esther Rodríguez-Barbero

DJ: Laura Ramírez

Performers: Clara Pampyn, Laura Ramírez, Esther Rodríguez-Barbero

Photo: Alessia Bombaci


July | IN-Prescindibles. La Poderosa. Barcelona

May-July | Centro Danza Canal. Madrid

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