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ALLÁ is a fiction made reality. It is the expansion of an organism beyond its own limits. The expanding being is a being traversed, traversed by protons and electrons that one day changed its way of existing in the world. Composed by mutated and mutant cells. Between the living and the dead. It is the relationship of a body with technological beings. An attempt to bring out the organs, to make the invisible visible. To open the spectrum of what is possible to those things that go beyond the limits of our conception of the world. A space where there is place for other realities. A reality of the extraordinary. There is always something extraordinary happening all the time. ALLÁ is a horizon where we can look to meet ourselves. 

This piece combines two lines of research: Invocations is a movement practice that works with the body as a radar or sensor of matter in space; how the body is activated by these 'presences'. Do bodies dream of electromagnetic organs? is a performative installation built with movement sensors that reflects on the relationship between body and implanted electromagnetic biomedical devices.

Both have their origin in an embodied experience that has made the body my own laboratory. A body carrying an IAD, a body resurrected from a sudden death, a body pierced by electric shocks. A body landed on the planet sky. On the planet sea. A body thrown into nothingness. This piece is an excuse or a manifesto to give rise to some questions about the change of paradigm at psychological, somatic and perceptive level that involves experiencing one's own finitude, if it is possible to build narratives of the traversed bodies that do not correspond exclusively to the field of fiction and if the stage is a place for these other realities.

Artistic & Technical data

Creation, movement, writing and spatial design: Esther Rodriguez-Barbero
Programming and interior architecture: Ivan Paz and Roger Pibernat (Colectivo Top Lab)
Technical assistance and advice: Miguel de las Heras (Hangar Interactive Lab)
Construction and structure design: Elia Bagó
Sound assistance: José Velasco
Video: Tristán Pérez-Martín
Thought and writing accompaniment: Marta Echaves
Lighting: Víctor Colmenero
Conversations and intermittent accompaniment: Elena Córdoba, Oscar Dasí, La Caldera, La Poderosa.
The installation has been built in Hangar's Interactive Lab and in collaboration with Ivan Paz and Roger Pibernat (Colectivo Top Lab).
Production-Research Grant from l'Institut Ramon Llull, NewArtFoundation, UOC, La Caldera i Hangar.
With the collaboration of: La Poderosa / Fabra i Coats, La Caldera, Los Barros, Centro Conde Duque.
Acknowledgements: Marta, Paula, La Praga, CRUSH, Óscar, Cristina, Sara, Lucía, Raquel, Iera, Hangar Team, Elena, Los Barros, Mónica, Bea, Oihana, La Nave, Silvia, Nuria, Claire, Fran, Victor, Fer, Raquel, Lidia, Blanca.

Duration: 50'


October | Ciclo Hacer Historias Vol.4 La Poderosa en La Caldera. Barcelona. Spain
October&November | Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Conde Duque. Residency


July | Fabra i Coats La Poderosa. Residency. Barcelona.Spain

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