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Guided Tour - LCE


The tour follows the non visible parts of the building. It questions about borders and boundaries giving new meanings to the spaces we go through. Have you ever been here before? Do you know this building? Do you know it well or not so much? Do you know its history? Is there any space that arouse your curiosity? A door that is locked and that you can’t have access for example. Would you like to know what is behind? Guided Tour is a walk through the not visible parts of the building. An invitation to think and activate the space together, an invitation to discover what is behind, what is not visible to the naked eye, its stories, its working and its position in our collective memory.


With the collaboration of Lara Brown.


Thanks to all the people that shared stories and encounters at La Casa Encendida: Leticia, Begoña, María, Antonio, Miguel, Sergio, Mónica, Bárbara, Cristian, Felipe, Ana, Óscar, Tania, Miriam, Leire, Cari, Raúl, Elizabeth, Cristina, Clara, Ana, Nacho, Lautaro, Lucía, Frodo, Pane, Julián, Marina, Christopher.


February |Festival Acento. La Casa Encendida & CA2M. Madrid

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