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We Can Dance is an act of celebration; it’s an accompanied solo; or rather, an invitation to dance; or even, perhaps, also a disco. This piece moves between what’s possible and what’s forbidden by means of the laws that regulate or ban the act of dancing in different places, in order to question where personal and external limits lie.

It begins at that first step we take just before we start dancing. Once you start, it’s hard to stop, you start moving, get into that disco groove. At what point does movement become dance? What happens when it occurs in places where it’s forbidden?

A staged game constructed from the cogs represented by three bodies on stage: the dj body, the lighting body, and the dancing body.

Artistic & Technical data

Creation & Performance : Esther Rodriguez-Barbero


DJ Laura Ramírez

Lighting: Víctor Colmenero Mir /Cristina Bolívar

Photo: Ángela Losa, J.C. Arévalo, Alessia Bombaci, Santi Periel


Supported by:

Antic Teatre

LEAL.LAV. Laboratorio de Artes en Vivo (Teatro Leal, La Laguna)

Centro de Danza Canal

La Caldera Barcelona 

L'estruch. Fábrica de creación de artes en vivo. Sabadell.

Certámen Coreográfico de Madrid


a.pass research center (Bruselas)



Comunidad de Madrid.


Duration: 50’ 

Thanks for advice, shared histories & practical help:

Vitaly Franco, Lautaro Reyes, Óscar Dasí, Marialena Marouda, Xiri Noir, Lilia Mestre, Shervin Kiarnesi, Pablo Sacristán, Javier Cuevas, Adán Hernández, Clara Pampyn, Alberto Alonso, Laura Kumin y Lara Ortiz


April | Teatro Pradillo. Madrid. Spain


December | Certámen Coreográfico de Madrid. Spain


November | Fundació Suñol. Barcelona, Spain

October | Antic Teatre. Barcelona, Spain.

February | L'estruch. Sabadell, Spain.


July, October | Centro Danza Canal | Resident Company. Madrid, Spain.

September | La Caldera. Barcelona, Spain.


4-14 September | Leal Theater. Leal.Lav. Tenerife, Spain.

29 September | TNT Festival Nuevas Tendencias. Caravana de Trailers. Terrasa. Barcelona.


30 November-3 December | 30 Certámen Coreográfico de Madrid. Me Myself & I Solos en estado de germen. Madrid, Spain.


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