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Foto: Danilo Moroni & Juan Carlos Toledo

Esther Rodríguez-Barbero - CV 

My artistic research practice is based in developing different mechanisms to deal with the unknown. Through performance, space, writing-orality & installation as the main mediums I develop social and spatial practices related to the unseen, the ways it becomes visible & the potentialities of in-between space(s). My approach comprehends body as a technology through which we can broaden our perception of reality by understanding it as a sensor & channel where different kind of information passes through, thus expanding our relationship with the environment. Over the past few years I have developed several works that reflects upon otherness, liminality, the interrelation between different media, bodies and disciplines, bioethics, spatial relations and relationships between living systems (human & nonhuman). Some of this works deal with notions of life&death, absence-presence and other ways we relate with (in) finitude.

Performer, choreographer, architect and researcher in the arts. Specialized in contemporary dance together with architectural studies (ETSA Valladolid), she achieved a Master in Performing Arts Practice and Visual Culture by the UCLM in collaboration with the Reina Sofía Museum and a postmaster apass (advanced performance & scenography research studies) in Brussels. Her work operates in-between choreography, performance and architecture, using principles from these disciplines to design artistic and social practices. Her trajectory crosses different contexts activated by using operations of displacement to think about body presence and spatial relations. Lately she designs spatial practices through which the audience can experience alternative ways of engagement with specific places and the elements that are present in daily life routines. By rethinking habits and behaviours she proposes choreographic approaches in order to expand the performative space. Her research addresses the relationships between body, space and place through dance and movement, based on curiosity about the unknown as a driving force. In recent years she has worked mainly between Madrid, Brussels and Barcelona. She has developed several projects of different formats, performance, installation, mediation and coordination, laboratories, in places such as Ars Electrónica, Casa del Lago (MX), Centro Conde Duque, Museo Reina Sofía, Hangar, La Casa Encendida, Ca2m, La Caldera, L’estruch Sabadell, La Poderosa/Fabra i Coats, Teatro Pradillo, Surge Madrid, Intermediae Matadero, Etopia. Centre for Art and New Technologies. Lately she has also dedicated to the creation of other spaces and contexts from which to develop artistic practice, thought and knowledge. 

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