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Manual: On Ways To Inhabit This Table

& Other Issues


'This manual is a tool for a personal or collective guided tour. In both situations it positions the reader as the one in charge of the manual’s performance. It is constructed thinking about a universal manual that can encompass any situation where one or more readers, a table and the manual are present.

The work of Esther Rodríguez- Barbero Granado merges architecture, choreography and body consciousness. It wants to shine light on the habits we follow in everyday life while we are at home, go to work or sit in a library. By directing the gaze of the reader to the environment s/he is in, each time the manual creates singular readings. It invites the reader to be the doer and the observer of her/his doing. By playing and displacing the usage of everyday objects, Rodríguez-Barbero in an absurd way questions our relation to things. Her work activates curiosity, surprise and imagination as triggers for a better life.'


Text by Lilia Mestre


Text by Esther Rodríguez-Barbero

Design: Pablo Sacristán

Proofreading: Sarah Cale

Printed at: Nadine www.

Binding & Cover: Gillis

Produced by a.pass |  & Nadine


Brussels, Decoratelier May 2018 - a.pass


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