Dancing The Workday

In 'Dance the working day' the main aim is to inhabit the Centre through dance; we fill the exhibition hall for a working day. We ask ourselves about the productivity of the artist’s work and how to make those two productive systems coexist. A working day is the time an employee is being productive at the work place. Our working place is being exhibited in the room, and our job

must be productive, Therefore, a list of tasks and a list of goals to be achieved are put forward.

A project developed by Lara Ortiz and Esther Rodriguez-Barbero

Casa Abierta' Exhibition. Sala de Arte Joven Comunidad de Madrid



PASE. Site

INVOCATIONS. Performance

I don't know. Texts

BODY MESSAGES  Installation

WE CAN DANCE. Performance


Guided Tour. LCE. Site

Beats & Sweat. Site

AFFECT. Performance



Manual: On ways to inhabit this table

& other issues. Installation-Book


Guided Tour. Performance/Site


Km.0. Performance

Dancing the workday. Performance

Previous works / 2013-15