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30, 1, 2 September. Festival Miradas al Cuerpo. Teatro Lagrada. Madrid, Spain.

May. Madrid Activa

21,22,23 April. DT Espacio Escénico. Madrid, Spain.

18, 19, 20 February. DT Espacio Escénico. Madrid, Spain.




Km.0 is a stage project which researches on the land through the journey and its drifts, as a form of discovery and transformation of the travelling bodies. On translating it to the stage, memories and places take shape. They are revisited through movements, words and images.


The performance gathers a series of lived events, linked to different spots within the Iberian Peninsula. We move and make “marks” on the borders of the land surrounding us. The border is a ‘moving limit’, as Careri would put it. So, there we go with our bodies crossing borders, building and deconstructing landmarks, marking the soil and narrating the way our trajectory transforms our bodies. We recount, sing and dance it. It’s a story of travelling and directions, of taking a path and walk it, hope in our hands, and from Madrid we head South, West –Portugal, to the East –Valencia, and reach Island in a conditional future. We thus trace a map which is not defined by cartographic borders but by fragments, sort of archaeology of spaces and experiences, the beat of a land, of those little choreographies which transform spaces through their heartbeats. An emotional map gathering that which does not fit in maps or guides.


Artistic and Technical Data

A proposal by: Esther Rodríguez-Barbero

Performed and created by: Clara Pampyn, Gema Cañón y Esther Rodriguez-Barbero

Artistic assistance: Maite Larrañeta, Jesús Rubio

Lightning design: Sonia Sanz

Vídeo: Producciones El boton Rojo e Irlanda Tambascio

Photography: Emilio Tenorio, Gaby Maciel y Miguel Angel Garcia

Supported by: DT Espacio Escénico /Espacio en Blanco/Estudios Carmen Senra

Length: 60’

Special thanks: Paula Cueto, Jorge Gracia Medina, Rafael Lamata, Maite Larrañeta, Jesús Rubio, Carmen Senra

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