INVOCATIONS / 2020  (in progress). Performance

PASE. Guided Tour / 2020 (in progress) Site


BODY MESSAGES / 2020 Installation

AFFECT (THE BLUE) / 2019 Performance

Beats & Sweat / 2019 Site

Guided Tour. LCE / 2019 Site

WE CAN DANCE / 2017-18 Performance

Manual: On ways to inhabit this table & other issues / 2018 Installation-Book

Guided Tour  / 2017-18 Performance/Research/Site

Km.0  / 2016 Performance

Dancing the workday2016 Performance

Previous works / 2013-15


Just a Moment Before


´I´m interested in capturing the movement and its possible history just a moment before it dissapears,

the idea of becoming the spectator of my own traces.’ Interview with Olga Mesa

A woman is trying to see where she was five seconds ago; trying to trace her movements, her every step. The story changes every five seconds. How many movements can she fit into five seconds? What is the longest step she can take before being filmed again? Where willshe be in the next shot?

Creation composed by a performance and an installation that is part of the series `Dwelling a place’

I N S T A L L A T I O N ' Crowded Sofa'

The performer invites guests to sit on a sofa and talk to her while pictures of them are being taken and projected at the same time.

June 2014. Premio Especial Residencia y Programación. 'III Certamen de Microdanza' organizado por ECSA Conservatorio Superior Danza. 

June 2014. Crowded Sofa. Installation. La Neomudéjar de Atocha.Madrid. Punto Zero Project 'Shahar Dhor'IVAHM VideoArt Festival. 

May 2014. International day of Museums. Laboratorio de las Artes de Valladolid LAVA.