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MPECV Presentation


This project is the result of collaborative process research on dwelling a place. For over a year, practice proposals were developed to study the connection between body, spaceand presence. Those were framed by establishing a connection between performance and audiovisual language. The presentation highlighted the idea of an event, which ultimately underlines the simple fact that we gather in a place to share and to build. We share and produce objects, emotions and knowledge, all of which is input that makes us move from one place to another. The purpose of the action was to build a device that revealed the connection between those movements. During the time that the action lasted, people moved, placed themselves in a specific place,defined their position and moved again.

All the practices are collected at:

Essay (SP):

Artistic and Technical Data

Directed and performed by: Esther Rodríguez- Barbero

Tutors: Idoia Zabaleta/ Rosa Casado/ Rafael Lamata/ Jaime Villaure/ Victoria Pérez Royo

Technical assistance: Israel Leon

Operator: Elisa Arteta

Length: 30

Special thanks: Israel León, Paula Cueto, Camilla Téllez, Luisa Castro, Ignacio de Antonio, Jesús Rubio, Carmen Senra

Supported by: MPECV, Matadero Madrid, La Casa Encendida, Azala Espacio de Creación

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