INVOCATIONS / 2020  (in progress). Performance

PASE. Guided Tour / 2020 (in progress) Site


BODY MESSAGES / 2020 Installation

AFFECT (THE BLUE) / 2019 Performance

Beats & Sweat / 2019 Site

Guided Tour. LCE / 2019 Site

WE CAN DANCE / 2017-18 Performance

Manual: On ways to inhabit this table & other issues / 2018 Installation-Book

Guided Tour  / 2017-18 Performance/Research/Site

Km.0  / 2016 Performance

Dancing the workday2016 Performance

Previous works / 2013-15




2017-2018          Post-master research at A.PASS (advanced performance & scenography studies). Brussels

2013/2014          Master in Performing Arts Practices and Visual Culture. UCLM- MNCARS National Museum of Art Centre Reina Sofía, Matadero Madrid LCE.

2012                    Master architect. Valladolid School of Architecture.

2007/2014          Diploma in Contemporary Dance Studies. Mayor School of Dance. Carmen Senra Professional Dance School. Release Technique.

Prizes & grants

2018                     Grant for choreographers for the creation of choreographic works. Community of Madrid.

2018                     Grant for residency abroad for young artists. Culture Department of Madrid Region Government.

2018                     Artists in Residency 2018 Grant. La Casa Encendida y CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo. Madrid.

2017                     Mobility Grant. Acción Cultural Española AC/E- PICE.

2016                     Program With No Credits. Research program. Culture Department of Madrid Region Government

2016                     Finalist Me, myself & I. 30. Choreographic contest. Madrid

2015                     To be or not to be (a body). Program for Advanced Studies in Critical Practices. Reina Sofia National Art Museum.

Professional career

2019                   IN-Prescindibles. La Poderosa. Barcelona. Affect.

2019                   Companies in Residency 2019. Research Project. Canal Dance Center. Madrid. Affect.

2019                   Fábrica de Creación L’estruch Sabadell. Technical residency & performance. We can dance.

2019                   Quarter Block Party Festival. Cork. Beats & Sweat. A tribute to Sir Henry's

2019                   Acento. Festival. La Casa Encendida & CA2M. Guided Tour

2018                   BRUT NATURE. Invited artist. La Caldera Les Corts. Barcelona.

2018                   Performer. La Ronda. Edurne Rubio. Centro Conde Duque. Madrid

2018                   A.pass Research Center, curated by Lilia Mestre. Score for entering a space. Zsenne ArtLab, Brussels.

2018                   Solstice Festival. Conde Duque Cultural Centre. Madrid. Guided Tour

2018                   a.pass End Communications. ‘This is 1000 liter fuel so…’ Decoratelier, Brussels. Manual: On Ways To Inhabit This Table & Other Issues + Guided Tour

2018                   Residency at Nadine, Brussels. Manual: On Ways To Inhabit This Table & Other Issues.

2018                   Invited artist. Workshop Common Ground, Quarter Block Party, funded by the European Comission Erasmus + . Cork, Ireland. Guerrilla Chairs

2018                   Invited artist. Workshop and residency within the program Latidos, Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid.

2018                   Artist in Residency 2018. La Caldera Les Corts, Barcelona. We can dance.

2018                   Companies in Residency 2018. Research Project. Canal Dance Center, Madrid. We can dance.

2018                   Performer IN VOID II instalation from A two dogs company/ Kris Verdonck. Naves Matadero. Madrid

2016-2017         Performer  Sobrelajuventud. Cie. La imperfecta. Tanec Praha Festival, Canal Dance Center, 30 Choreographic Contest Madrid, Reina Sofía Museum.

2016/2018         Performer. Party. BEACHES. Fringe Festival. Matadero Madrid, Canal Theater.

2017                   30 Choreographic solo contest Me, Myself & I, Madrid. Conde Duque Cultural Center. We can dance.

2017                   Residencies 333’33. Live Arts Laboratories, LEAL.LAV, Tenerife. We can dance.

2017                   G.R.U.A. Festival TNT Terrasa New Tendecies, Terrasa. We can dance.

2016                   Exhibition design & curatorship. Open House. Sala de Arte Joven de la Comunidad de Madrid

2016                   ‘Ciclos de escena interdisciplinar VII Puente Aéreo’ in DT Espacio Escénico with the piece Km.0.

2016                   IX Festival Miradas al Cuerpo. Madrid Activa. Km.0.

2015                   The Night of the Museums and The International Museum Day. Laboratory of Arts in Valladolid (LAVA), with the piece Please touch.

2015                   ‘IV Ciclo Ellos y ellas bailan solos en DT Espacio Escénico’, coproduction of the piece La Construcción.

2015                   Residency at Huarte Contemporary Arts Center, Pamplona, with the piece La Construcción.

2014                   Cuenca Fine Arts Faculty, Matadero Madrid, Laboratory of Arts in Valladolid (LAVA), with the piece Just a moment before.

2014                   Punto Zero Project -Instalación. IVAHM Festival, La Neomudéjar de Atocha, Madrid. With the installation Crowded sofa.

2014                   Collective Exhibition Al Raso en Palacio. Palacio Condes de Gabia. Granada

2015                   Performer, Bist du bei mir, Elena Córdoba. El lugar sin límites. CDN & Pradillo Theater. Madrid.

2014                   Performer in the exhibition Public action for Really Useful Knowledge, Colectivo Subtramas. National Museum of Art Centre Reina Sofía.